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Orchestra Recording - Location Recording Setup, Details & Workflow

Here is some candid behind-the-scenes info of my setup for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra recording in early March 2022. I work with this group 3 times a year so my setup and approach is similar each time... but always slightly evolving. There are still covid restrictions in place for the concert hall - there's no concert shell to help focus the sound, the players are physically spaced further apart, my gear setup is away from the sidestage to encourage air flow, and I'm not using as many mics. Hopefully this changes for the next performance!

Here's some tech specs: Faulkner/Phased Array - spaced pair of AKG 480 with ck62 omni capsules into API 512c preamps, Altec M53 with 42a cardioid capsules in ORTF position into Juggernaut pre amp with Nickel input transformer selected.

Woodwind/Brass has 3 microphones - the far sides were Audio Technica AE3000 large diaphragm cardioid condensers going into Flickinger 736-5 preamps, and an AKG 414 B-ULS in the center going into a Neve 1073LB.

There was also a solo mic during a concerto featuring a harpist. I used an Oktava MK012 small diaphragm condenser with a cardioid capsule which went into a Neve 1073LB preamp.

Thanks for stopping by and consider supporting by checking out more audio related content on my Patreon page: 👈🏽 I will be uploading photos from this recording setup here soon!

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