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MXR 136 Dual Limiter Demo with Drums

Here’s a sought after MXR 136 Dual limiter/compressor that I recently sold… but made sure to do some fun testing before letting it go. The 136 is a unique PWM (pulse width modulation) compressor which is a pretty rare design. There are few PWM compressors currently made – the only one I’m aware of is the Great River PWM-501 500 series compressor.

The best way I can describe its sound is that it’s similar in tone to a cleaner and more common VCA style compressor, but not so grabbing in action. At an increased input level the compressor starts to show its character and is very flexible, going from a wide range of very fast to moderately slow with both the attack and release knobs. Engage the limiter button to squash even more!

The drums are from a short bridge section of my song ‘Final Cue’ which you can listen to on all streaming platforms.

Please feel free to drop comments or questions below, thanks!

-James 👋🏼

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