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Monheim Créme & CAD VX2 Tube Mic Comparison - Vocal Samples

Here's a side by side comparison of local LA boutique mic manufacturer Monheim and their Créme mic utilizing a 12AT7 tube, next to a 1990's USA made CAD VX2 which uses both a 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes. Both mics went through API 512c preamps (using identical gain), with conversion via a Lynx Aurora 16. No other processing was applied. Volume was boosted in Pro Tools, leaving enough headroom so the dynamics aren't touched.

Download the longer, full quality 24bit/96kHz audio samples on my Patreon page for free:

Both mics have a creamy and smooth mid range with extension on both the top and bottom ends - though where the frequencies are emphasized are slightly different. To my ears the Créme has a slight boost centered around 7k, where the VX2 is more neutral in the top end. Compared to the Créme, the VX2 has a light low-mid emphasis resulting in a 'smokey' tone. This low mid characteristic might be better emphasized in the Creme by utilizing the proximity effect and physically moving a little closer to the mic.

Both are beautiful sounding mics! I would tend to lean toward the VX2 on smaller arrangements, allowing the vocal to take up more of the sound stage (more low mid fullness). The Créme would do well in a denser mixes where the vocalist needs to cut through the arrangement a little more (top end presence). This is just from judging based off of my vocal tone... it could sound completely different for a different range singer or a female vocalist. More experimenting needed 😉 Thanks for stopping by! -James

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