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Last #MicMonday of 2021!

Happy Holidays from Pique Recording! It’s the last #MicMonday of the year so I’m making sure it’s a doozy! Here’s the drum setup of a lightly played kit using brushes for the song ‘Are You Out There’ by songwriter Costis De Viant. I was really happy with the ‘pillowy’ tone of the kick drum. Originally I started out by using a single AEA r84 ribbon mic outside the kick (making sure to leave enough distance as to not damage the ribbon) but the sound was not defined enough. I added the Audio Technica ATM25 to capture some extra high frequency energy. Even after adding this closer dynamic mic, I’ll need to use eq in the mix to help it be heard. The sub/bass tone from this kick is gorgeous – very even and full sounding decay! I’m kind of surprised given the front head is pretty old as you might be able to see. I’m sure the slightly soft felt beater helped as well. Hear it on the upcoming single by Costis De Viant!

Here's a little video walk through video so you can get a better idea! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to comment or leave any questions you might have :)

#drummicrophones #beyerdynamicm160 #audiotechnicaatm25 #groovetubesmodel1 #aear84 #akg414

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