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dial in YOUR sound!

If feels like a big day today. The first quarter of the year has wrapped and I wanted to celebrate the artists that have helped me to keep going thus far in 2022!

All these amazingly talented artists have released, are preparing to release, or are currently creating music with me here at Pique Recording. I've also started doing studio consulting and tracking/mixing lessons - a few of these artists fall into that category.

So many great projects happening all within the past 3 months. Thank you so much!

Also, in case anyone hasn't caught the bandcamp Friday train... all purchases made today on the platform go directly to the artist you're supporting. A great opportunity to give back! The artists in the photo above are good place to start **hint hint**

Annnnnndddddd finally, name the knobs! These are all knobs on pieces of gear that I use regularly during tracking sessions, when mixing or while mastering. Match the number to the correct knob. Have fun and good luck! Answers in the comment section below.

In no particular order - these are your knob options:

Ampex MX10 4x1 Mixer

AMS Neve 1073LB Preamp

Ashly SC-50 Compressor

Elysia XFilter Equalizer

API 512C Preamp

Furman RV-1 Spring Reverb

Orban 418A Limiter

NonLinearAudio Curvomatic Filter/Equalizer

Tech 21 Sansamp Distortion

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