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APA (Atlas Pro Audio) Leviathan Opto Compressor Demo with Drums and Bass Guitar

Here are some audio examples of the APA Leviathan Opto Compressor in use. It's described as having a compression action somewhere between two classic Optical compressors from the 70s, the Urei LA2A and LA3A. The sound is inherently smooth and lots of gain reduction can be applied without it compromising tone. I also believe the Iron input/output transformers help to subtly enhance any audio that passes through it. It's really the smoothest and most gentle outboard compressor I've come across.

***Note in the second Bass clip, the 'Vintage' mode is engaged and when I twist the attack and release pots, the compression doesn't change because the 'Vintage' mode is an automatic setting and those features are not active.

I ended up selling this compressor because I needed the money and also because I have way too much outboard gear. Luckily this piece is still being made so I can always buy another in the future(which can't be said for some of my other vintage outboard comps). Thanks for stopping by and feel free to ask questions below! -James

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