Open 7 days a week by appointment only. 

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Pique Studios - Engineering, Production, Attended Mixing & Mastering

$40/hour (includes $5/hour nominal fee for studio upkeep and maintenance) 

Multiple day discounts and full week lockouts negotiable.

Freelance Engineering, Production, Attended Mixing, Mastering & Editing

$35/hour plus applicable studio rate

Mixing at Pique (Unattended)

$240/track for 3 or less songs - includes all mix revisions (price based on 6hours at $40/hour)

$200 per track for 4 or more songs (1 hour free!)

Mastering at Pique (Unattended)


Editing at Pique (Unattended)

$40/hour - drum grid-ing/enhancement and cleanup, vocal and instrument tuning and timing,

session organization, midi programing

(these services complementary within Mix Rate)

Live Music Video Recording - In-House at Pique with Rob Lynn Productions

$40/hour (please inquire for Rob's rate)

Location Recording

$35/hour, must pay for setup and striking time, plus agreed upon gear rental fees


please inquire, usually project/budget based 

**While these are my general rates, nothing is set in stone as all artists and recordings require their own unique approach. Please let me know about your project's specific needs. 


Where are you located?

Pique Recording is located in the Northridge area of Los Angeles. We are just a couple blocks away from the Cal State Northridge Campus. Address will be sent before session.

What types of payment do you accpet?

Cash, Check, Paypal (friend), Venmo, Cash App

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the end of every session or upon receiving final Mix/Master deliverables. Artist may leave with rough mixes after every session. 

What types of music do you record?

All types! I have recorded rock, metal, jazz, folk, bluegrass, singer/songwriter, gospel, RnB, soul, experimental, ambient, hip-hop and rap. Please refer to my discography for examples. 

How should I best prepare for recording?

Lots of ways! Take care of your physical and mental health. Get plenty of sleep before session days. Practice so that you know your songs inside and out. Make charts and have lyrics printed for reference. Make sure instruments are in tip top shape - hopefully professionally setup. Restring guitars, replace drum heads and bring extras should anything break. Do your best to be prepared and it's always a plus to have a good attitude!

How far in advance must we book?

Ideally 2-3 months in advance - this ensures that the dates you need will be available. Last minutes bookings are great as well, but availability is subject to previously scheduled sessions. Please let me know which days you are hoping to record and I will do my best to accommodate. 

What if I'm late to the session?

Please be on time. If you are running behind, please let me know so that I might have microphones set up by the time you arrive. You will be on-the-clock at booked start time. 

What if I need to cancel my session?

Please call at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you

Is there parking? 

We are happy to offer plentiful parking in the driveway in front of the studio which is also gated. Your car and gear will be safe!

What are the house rules?

Please be respectful of the space, equipment and fellow bandmates. Please no drugs or smoking inside studio. Thanks!

What kind of equipment is available?

Check out the studio tools. Please inquire if you wish to use a certain piece during a session. Much of the gear is vintage which sometimes requires sick leave. 

What kind of hospitality do you provide?

Make yourself comfortable! Filtered water, coffee, tea and whatever else might be in the fridge. We try to keep the kitchen stocked with healthy snack options. Fast wifi available.  The studio is located near many great eateries so all types of food is close by. If you have any special dietary needs, be sure to let me know. 

Are there housing accommodations?

Yes! If you are coming from out of town, please ask about accommodations. There is a pull out couch for overnight stays and plenty of floor space if that's all you will be needing. Bathroom with shower and kitchen available. Otherwise, many Airbnb's are in the area and I can help you find a comfortable spot. 

Do you always do in-house mastering?

No. Records made at pique are welcome to be taken to outside mastering engineers. A couple that have done great work for me in the past: Garrett Bevins, Scott CraggsPiper Payne. Other recommendations available to match your needs and budget.

Do you have a question or concern not answered here? Please send a direct message.