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Check out all the cool gear! Available at no extra charge. If there is a specific piece needed for a session, please inquire beforehand - Vintage gear sometimes take unexpected sick days. New items are always incoming as well!


Quantum QM168 - 16 Channel, 8 Buss Split Console

Protools 11

Lynx Aurora 16 with Thunderbolt Card

Otari MX55 1/4" 2 Track


Adam A7

Yamaha NS10 w/Samson Servo-240

KRK v4 - Live Room Monitoring

Furman HDS-16 Headphone Distribution

Various Headphones



Quantum QM-168 (16)

Presonus M80 w/Jensen Transformers (8)

API 512 (2)

Atlas Pro Audio Juggernaut (2)

Altec 442A Tube (1)

SectraSonics 1100 6x1 Mixer

Altec 352A 5x1 Mixer

Shure SE30 3x1 Mixer

Magnecord M33 Tube Pre/DI


AKG 414b-uls Condeser

RCA BK5 Ribbon

CAD VX2 Tube

Lomo 19A19 Tube

Lomo MK5 Tube

Sony C17b Tube

Beyerdynamic m81 Dynamic

Cascade Fathead Ribbon x2

Oktava 012 Condenser x2

Altec 684 Dynamic

Shure SM7b Dynamic

Sennheiser e609 Dynamic

Audio Technica ATM25 Dynamic

Shure MX391 Boundary

Wasaphone Dynamic

Shure SM57 Dynamic x3

...& Other LoFi Mics


Harrison Great River 32 Parametric

Purple Audio TAV Graphic

Urei Model 535 Graphic

Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton Tube Graphic



Smart Research CL1A

Drawmer 1968 Dual Channel Tube Stereo

ADR Gemini Easy Rider Stereo

DBX 165A

Valley People Dyna-Mite Stereo

FMR Really Nice Compressor Stereo

MXR 136 Dual Limiter Stereo

SPL Transient Designer 4 Channel

Inovonics Model 201

Altec 1612A Limiter Amplifier

Ashly SC-50 Peak Limiter/Compressor

DBX 163x Stereo

Shure SE30 

Altec 352A

Orban Model 418A Stereo Limiter

Valley Audio Gain Brain II Compressor

Valley Audio Kepex II Gate x2

Valley Audio DSP Deesser x3


Lexicon Prime Time 95 Delay

Lexicon Prime Time 93 Delay

Multivox MX-312 Tape Delay

Dolby 120x-ds Subharmonic Synth

Korg GR-1 Gated Spring Reverb Stereo

Furman RV-1 Spring x2

Pioneer SR-202 Spring Reverb Stereo

Too many guitar pedals to list...


1958 Danelectro Short Scale Bass

Guild GAD30 Small Body Acoustic Guitar

1964 Gibson Melody Maker Electric Guitar

Japanese Squire Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Ibanez Jet King Electric Guitar

1970's Japanese Cimar Les Paul Copy Electric Guitar

1970's Fender Telecaster Frankinstien Custom Electric Guitar

Rhodes Stage 73 Electric Piano

Multivox Basky II Analog Bass Synth Pedals

Multivox Reed Air Organ

Hohner P100 Electric Organ

Sonar Phonic Drumset - Late 70's - 22", 12", 14", 18"

Yamaha Stage Custom Standard - 22", 10", 12", 14", 16"

Yamaha Steel Shell Snare - 14" x 6.5"

Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum 70's

Ludwig Keystone Badge 28" Marching Bass Drum

1960's 28" Ludwig Bass Drum

16" & 18" K Dark Thin Zildjian Cymbals

20" A Ride Zildjian Cymbal

Vintage 14" K Hat Cymbal

Bunch of Auxiliary Percussion Oddities

Roland 606 Drum Machine

Akai xr10 Drum Machine

Roland Juno 60 PolySynth

Roland SH-101 MonoSynth

Suzuki Omnichord System 2 OM-84

Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard


1983 Fender Concert Tube Amp 2x10 Celestions

1953 Silvertone 1331 Tube 1x8

1957 Mongomery Wards Tube 1x12

1960's Guild Thunder 1 Tube 1x10

Newcomb Compact 12 Tube HIFI Amp Conversion

Fishman Loudbox 100 SolidState

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