Custom Shop Sound

What is Custom Shop Sound (CSS)?

The Pique Recording team is offering special recording days* that are focused on helping artists achieve first-rate, full band recordings at a price that is affordable. This exclusive offer is aimed at salaried and independent singer/songwriters, producers, and composers, but all are welcome!

This group of seasoned professionals (including: session musicians, engineer, band leader, and producer) is devoted to recording songs that will meet the artists’ needs. Because the owner of the studio is a part of Custom Shop Sound, we are happy to offer the recording space at no extra cost per song. In addition, all of the musicians have the ability to record quality revisions post session, returning the completed song in a timely, agreed upon manner. The recording studio offers state of the art equipment comparable to the highest end studios available (vintage and modern pre amps from API, Neve, Quantum; microphones from AKG, Shure, and AEA; mastering quality audio conversion by Lynx Converters). 

Achieve your best performed and produced song. Trust your sound to none other than the best!

*Regularly scheduled recording days can be booked at Pique Recording on other days of the month! 

What this service includes:


  • Discounted Studio Rates

  • In house Equipment & Instruments

  • Vocal Tuning & Editing

  • Drum Editing & Programming

  • Tracking, Editing, Mixing & Mastering

pique tele sept 2019.jpg


  • Access to a Team of Live Session Musicians - Including Strings, Horns, Vocals, Rhythm Section, etc

  • Charting & PreProduction Arrangement Provided


Josh Howard

James Meder

Garrit Tillman

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Open 7 days a week by appointment only. 

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